For other Blink cards, see Blink (disambiguation).

[Age of Apocalypse] Blink

Rarity Special Rare
Power Requirement 23
Sale Price 33,450
Maximum Card Level 50
Maximum Mastery Level 35
Quote Blink has the ability to create teleportation discs in a manner allowing her to use it as a weapon. She has honed her skills to the point where she creates an energy spear which she can throw at an enemy, or at an ally. She can then mentally turn the spear into a teleportation portal of any size or destination.
Attack Defense
[Age of Apocalypse] Blink
Base 2380 1710
Maximum 6831 4911
Mastery Bonus 891 641
Rarity Super Special Rare
Power Requirement 23
Sale Price 66,900
Maximum Card Level 60
Maximum Mastery Level 175
Quote At times Blink has used her teleportation ability to kill enemies. She can strike them with one of her spears and enlarge it just enough to teleport part of a body. She could just as easily remove an arm or a head or teleport an entire body. Blink is not from our Earth, the one she came from was ruled by Apocalypse causing her to have a kill or be killed mentality. Survival sometimes requires the need for brutality.
Attack Defense
[Age of Apocalypse] Blink+
Catalog Base 2856 2052
Proper Fused Base 4224 3036
Maximum 9565 6877
Mastery Bonus 1069 769
Overboost: 70 10278 7389
General Information
Alignment Speed
Gender Female
Faction Super Hero
Left Trait Unknown
Right Trait Unknown
Ability Teleportation
Usage High
Effect Remarkably raise ATK/DEF of your Speeds.
First Release Date Unknown

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