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Angel may refer to:

Angel1 Angel2 Angel
Max Atk: 1,853 Usage:
Max Def: 2,047 Effect:
CheyarafimAngel3 CheyarafimAngel4 Cheyarafim Angel
(Special Rare)
Max Atk: 6,843 Usage: Relatively High
Max Def: 5,379 Effect: Notably strengthen ATK of self.
HealerAngel4 HealerAngel5 Healer Angel
(Super Special Rare)
Max Atk: 9,016 Usage: High
Max Def: 6,859 Effect: Remarkably weaken DEF of opposing Tactics.
ChairmanAngel4 ChairmanAngel5 Chairman Angel
(Super Special Rare)
Max Atk: 8,131 Usage: Relatively High
Max Def: 7,746 Effect: Remarkably strengthen ATK of team.
AmnesiaAngel5 AmnesiaAngel6 Amnesia Angel
(Ultimate Rare)
Max Atk: 11,063 Usage: Relatively High
Max Def: 10,610 Effect: Significantly strengthen ATK of your Speeds.
HealingSoulAngel6 HealingSoulAngel7 Healing Soul Angel
Max Atk: 12,639 Usage: Average
Max Def: 12,220 Effect: Extremely strengthen ATK of your Speeds/Bruisers.
WhatIfAngel7 WhatIfAngel8 What If Angel
(Ultimate Legendary)
Max Atk: 17,550 Usage: Average
Max Def: 15,956 Effect: Randomly mimics the ability of one of your cards during battle (special ability.)

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