For other Enchantress cards, see Enchantress (disambiguation).


Rarity Common
Power Requirement 6
Sale Price 960
Maximum Card Level 20
Maximum Mastery Level 20
Quote An Asgardian goddess and a magic wielder. With her beauty and magic, she seduces the others and often fought with Thor and the Avengers.
Attack Defense
Base 600 460
Maximum 1714 1323
Mastery Bonus 224 173
Rarity Uncommon
Power Requirement 6
Sale Price 1,920
Maximum Card Level 30
Maximum Mastery Level 100
Quote The Enchantress, also known as Amora, later amends and became ally's with Thor, now the king of Asgard. She uses mind control, telepathy, transmutation, and illusions to battle foes.
Attack Defense
Catalog Base 720 552
Proper Fused Base 1064 818
Maximum 2400 1853
Mastery Bonus 268 207
General Information
Alignment Tactics
Gender Female
Faction Villain
First Release Date Unknown

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