Infobox NexusCard

Card name: card name Character name: character name
Alignment: alignment Gender: gender
Faction: faction
Ability: ability
Usage: usage
Effect: effect
Nexus Ability: nexus ability
Nexus Cooldown Period: nexus ability cooldown
Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4 Card 5
Card Image: image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4 image 5
Rarity: rarity 1 rarity 2 rarity 3 rarity 4 rarity 5
Quanta Requirement: quanta req 1 quanta req 2 quanta req 3 quanta req 4 quanta req 5
Power Requirement: pwr req 1 pwr req 2 pwr req 3 pwr req 4 pwr req 5
Max Card Level: max card level 1 max card level 2 max card level 3 max card level 4 max card level 5
Max Mastery Level: max mastery level 1 max mastery level 2 max mastery level 3 max mastery level 4 max mastery level 5
Maximum Attack: max attack 1 max attack 2 max attack 3 max attack 4 max attack 5
Maximum Defense: max defense 1 max defense 2 max defense 3 max defense 4 max defense 5
Item 1 item 1-1 item 2-1 item 3-1 item 4-1 item 5-1

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