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[Getting the Shot] Spider-Man

Rarity Legendary
Power Requirement 41
Sale Price 486,150
Maximum Card Level 80
Maximum Mastery Level 50
Quote All through his career as Spider-Man, Peter Parker has tried to keep up appearances as a photographer for the Daily Bugle. Every once in a while that leads him into a sticky situation, when he gets a shot of something someone doesn’t want him to see.
Attack Defense
[Getting the Shot] Spider-Man
Base 5090 3800
Maximum 14640 10925
Mastery Bonus 1910 1425
Rarity Ultimate Legendary
Power Requirement 41
Sale Price 972,300
Maximum Card Level 90
Maximum Mastery Level 300
Quote Photojournalism can be a dangerous profession, as Peter Parker found out when he ran into Doc Ock’s final and most desperate doomsday plan... the Octavian Lens.
Attack Defense
[Getting the Shot] Spider-Man+
Catalog Base 6108 4560
Proper Fused Base 9036 6746
Maximum 20495 15296
Mastery Bonus 2291 1710
Overboost: 120 22023 16436
General Information
Alignment Speed
Gender Male
Faction Super Hero
Left Trait Extra Attack Ability (Speed)
Ability Focused
Usage High
Effect Extraordinarily strengthen ATK of your heroes.
First Release Date Unknown


Amazing Spider-Man Reward Card

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