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[Intimidator] Rockslide

Rarity Special Rare
Power Requirement 22
Sale Price 33,300
Maximum Card Level 50
Maximum Mastery Level 35
Quote Santo Vaccarro trained first with Emma Frost's Hellions and then at the Xavier Institute. Something of a hothead, he is not afraid to resist authorities he doesn't see as legitimate, and he'll go to the wall to support his friends and teammates.
Attack Defense
[Intimidator] Rockslide
Base 1910 2030
Maximum 5497 5842
Mastery Bonus 717 762
Rarity Super Special Rare
Power Requirement 22
Sale Price 66,600
Maximum Card Level 60
Maximum Mastery Level 175
Quote Rockslide's physical composition makes him very difficult to harm. He is also able to detach parts of his own body and hurl them as missiles. Detached parts of him are inert until he gathers them again and reintegrates them into his form. If he is completely destroyed, as he was in a battle against Nimrod, he can be telekinetically reassembled.
Attack Defense
[Intimidator] Rockslide+
Catalog Base 2292 2436
Proper Fused Base 3392 3606
Maximum 7696 8180
Mastery Bonus 860 914
General Information
Alignment Bruiser
Gender Male
Faction Super Hero
Left Trait Unknown
Right Trait Unknown
Ability Body Missiles
Usage Average
Effect Remarkably raise ATK/DEF of your Bruisers.
First Release Date April 1, 2014