For other Beetle cards, see Beetle (disambiguation).

[Masked] Beetle

Rarity Special Rare
Power Requirement 25
Sale Price 33,750
Maximum Card Level 50
Maximum Mastery Level 35
Quote There have been a number of Beetles over the years. One recent incarnation in the Ultimate Universe tried to obtain a sample of the Venom symbiote for Latveria, but the attempt was foiled by Spider-Man.
Attack Defense
[Masked] Beetle
Base 2390 1970
Maximum 6877 5670
Mastery Bonus 897 740
Rarity Super Special Rare
Power Requirement 25
Sale Price 67,500
Maximum Card Level 60
Maximum Mastery Level 175
Quote Other identities of the Beetle include Abner Jenkins, Leila Davis, and Janice Lincoln. The suit itself has been constantly upgraded, but what they all have in common is flight and a surprising array of weaponry.
Attack Defense
[Masked] Beetle+
Catalog Base 2868 2364
Proper Fused Base 4244 3498
Maximum 9628 7937
Mastery Bonus 1076 887
Overboost: 70 10346 8529
General Information
Alignment Speed
Gender Male
Faction Villain
Ability Electro-Bite
Usage Very High
Effect Remarkably weaken DEF of opposing heroes.
First Release Date Unknown


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