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1610 Havok +File:1610Havok6.jpg  +
5 of 4 Franklin +File:5Of4Franklin5.jpg  +
A Jingle and a Tingle Stocking +File:AJingleAndATingleStocking3.jpg  +
A Little OCD Bullseye +File:ALittleOCDBullseye5.jpg  +
A Lot Insane Bullseye +File:ALotInsaneBullseye6.jpg  +
A Man Divided Iron Man +File:AManDividedIronMan3.jpg  +
A.I. Alexis +File:AIAlexis5.jpg  +
A.I. Vision +File:AIVision3.jpg  +
A.I.M. MODOK +File:AIMModok6.png  +
AXIS Scarlet Witch +File:AXISScarletWitch7.jpg  +
Ability Boom ISO-8 +File:AbilityBoomISO83.jpg  +
Abracadabra Doctor Strange +File:AbracadabraDoctorStrange5.jpg  +
Absolute Zero Iceman +File:AbsoluteZeroIceman4.jpg  +
Adamantium Born Ultron +File:AdamantiumBornUltron6.png  +
Adamantium Claw Wolverine +File:AdamantiumClawWolverine6.jpg  +
Addicted to Blood Psylocke +File:AddictedToBloodPsylocke6.jpg  +
Adopted Messiah Hope Summers +File:AdoptedMessiahHopeSummers5.jpg  +
Adoptive Mother Jubilee +File:AdoptiveMotherJubilee6.jpg  +
Advanced Intelligence Ultron +File:AdvancedIntelligenceUltron4.jpg  +
Adventure! Deadpool +File:Adventure!Deadpool7.jpg  +
Adventurer Iron Man +File:AdventurerIronMan7.jpg  +
Adventurer Marvel Boy +File:AdventurerMarvelBoy3.jpg  +
Adventures into Weird Doop +File:AdventuresIntoWeirdDoop6.jpg  +
Adventurous Youth Human Torch +File:AdventurousYouthHumanTorch4.jpg  +
Aflame Frankie Raye +File:AflameFrankieRaye6.jpg  +

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