For other Lionheart cards, see Lionheart (disambiguation).

[Resurrected] Lionheart

Rarity Rare
Power Requirement 17
Sale Price 12,550
Maximum Card Level 40
Maximum Mastery Level 30
Quote British schoolteacher Kelsey Leigh died bravely defending a vulnerable Captain America. Given a second chance at life by Captain Britain, she became his successor and then a heroine in her own right with the Avengers and New Excalibur.
Attack Defense
[Resurrected] Lionheart
Base 1680 1360
Maximum 4830 3899
Mastery Bonus 630 509
Rarity Special Rare
Power Requirement 17
Sale Price 25,100
Maximum Card Level 50
Maximum Mastery Level 150
Quote Lionheart is given powers by the Sword of Might, which she wields to devastating effect. The Otherworld powers bestowed on her by Captain Britain also include superhuman strength, the power of flight, and the ability to generate force fields.
Attack Defense
[Resurrected] Lionheart+
Catalog Base 2016 1632
Proper Fused Base 2982 2412
Maximum 6762 5458
Mastery Bonus 756 610
General Information
Alignment Speed
Gender Female
Faction Super Hero
Left Trait Unknown
Right Trait Unknown
Ability Sword of Might
Usage Relatively Low
Effect Notably strengthen ATK of your Speeds.
First Release Date January 5, 2014

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