S.H.I.E.L.D. Proving Grounds 18
Vital Statistics
Event Type Training
Event Period
Start End
Dec. 4th 4 AM Dec. 9th 11 PM
Event Progression
Previous Event Uncanny Avengers
Previous Training S.H.I.E.L.D. Proving Grounds 17
Next Event Co-op X 17
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S.H.I.E.L.D. Proving Grounds is an individual combat event between Agents. It is an opportunity to prove your strength as an individual agent.


  • Prove your mettle by battling other agents.
  • Move up the S.H.I.E.L.D. ranks for a special bonus in future events!
  • You can now choose between 3 different SSR reward cards to strive for. Once you've made your choice, you cannot change, do choose carefully.
  • After you get a high enough S.H.I.E.L.D. rank, you'll battle against other agents to determine who can reach the pinnacle. Once Agents reach the 15th S.H.I.E.L.D. rank, they'll be grouped against other similarly ranked Agents in a tournament style bracket system. The top three Agents who obtain the highest amount of shards in a given time period advance.
  • This time, if your tournament performance isn't up to S.H.I.E.L.D. standards, you can lose your rank.
  • Winning a battle in Proving Grounds might boost your smackdown gauge. This lasts for 5 minutes. When you fill your gauge, you'll enter smackdown time, boosting the number of ISO-8 shards you get when defeating an opponent by 3 times!
  • Fill the smackdown gauge to store an activation of smackdown time. Just tap the Activate Smackdown Time button when you want to go on a rampage.
  • The new counterbattle feature applies to players who are participating in the tournament. Counterbattles may activate after you defeat an opponent. You'll be attacked by the opponents offensive deck while you use you defensive deck. You'll receive bonus ISO-8 shards if you deflect your opponents counter.
  • Counterbattles do not expend attack or defense power, do not affect the smackdown gauge, do not affect the consecutive victories, and do not count towards your trophy.

New Cards Introduced

SSR Reward Options

During this Proving Grounds event, you'll get to choose between 3 different SSR reward cards to try to win. 1 is a new card, and 2 are cards that are no longer available. Once you choose your reward card, you cannot change it, so choose wisely.

Prestige Bonus

Climb up the S.H.I.E.L.D. ranks by collecting ISO-8 shards when you are victorious over other agents.

  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. rank you got in the previous Proving Grounds event carries over to this event.

Your S.H.I.E.L.D. rank will give you a bonus in Raid, Enforcement Training, and other events that have ISO-8 shards. You will receive bonus ISO-8 shards, giving you more opportunities to exchange for items.

Rank Shard Bonus
30. Chair, Operational and Strategic Staff 70% Bonus
29. Chair, General Staff 68% Bonus
28. General, Fleet Command 66% Bonus
27. General, Strategic Operations 64% Bonus
26. General, Regional Strategic Operations 62% Bonus
25. General, Tactical Operations 60% Bonus
24. Field Operations Commander 58% Bonus
23. Tactical Commander 56% Bonus
22. Strike Team Commander 54% Bonus
21. Agent Commander 52% Bonus
20. Strategic Director 50% Bonus
19. Operational Director 40% Bonus
18. Regional Director 30% Bonus
17. Assistant Director 28% Bonus
16. Tactical Officer 26% Bonus
15. Special Officer 24% Bonus
14. Divisional Officer 22% Bonus
13. Operations Officer 20% Bonus
12. Strike Team Officer 18% Bonus
11. Elite Field Agent 16% Bonus
10. Tactical Agent 14% Bonus
9. Field Operations Agent 12% Bonus
8. Specialist Agent 11% Bonus
7. Field Agent 10% Bonus
6. Tactical Operations Technician 9% Bonus
5. Lead Technician 8% Bonus
4. Combat Operations Technician 7% Bonus
3. Technician-Specialist 6% Bonus
2. Technician 5% Bonus
1. Cadet Technician No Bonus


Play Bonuses

During the event period, play daily and get one battle session power pack. Use the power pack to battle against other agents!

  • Battle session power packs will be devoured by Galactus after Jan. 6th 01:00 am (ET). TBC: Packs may be retained after event finishes
  • You can only get the play bonus daily
  • Go to the My Page screen to get your play bonus.

Victory Rewards

Defeating another agent in Proving Grounds will give you 1 ISO-8 shard for each 10 attack power you use. Attacking with a deckt that has an attack power cost of 100 will give you 10 shards if you are victorious.

You can get promoted to the next S.H.I.E.L.D. rank by reaching a determined threshold of accumulated ISO-8 shards. The more attack power you use for your attack, the more ISO-8 shards you will get, allowing you to reach your promotion faster.

  • If you win with an attack power cost lower than 10, you will not receive any ISO-8 shards.
  • Your attack power will be rounded when determining how many shards you will receive.

For example, attacking with 15, 16, 17, 18, or 19 attack power you will receive two ISO-8 shards. Attacking with 14, 13, 12, or 11 attack power will only net you one ISO-8 shard.

  • Unused ISO-8 shards will not carry over to the next Proving Grounds, so please be careful.

Unstoppable Bonuses

Win Streak Equals Unstoppable Bonus!

  • You can go on a win streak regardless of what S.H.I.E.L.D. rank you are.
  • You get bonuses at the 5, 10, 15, and 20 win streak mark.
  • After you reach a 20 win streak, you will get 2 [Level Up] ISO-8 every additional 10 wins.
  • Win streaks are reset when you lose a battle or when you retreat from training.

Unstoppable Bonuses: 5 Win Streak: 10,000 Silver 10 Win Streak: 25,000 Silver 15 Win Streak: 50,000 Silver 20 Win Streak: [Level Up] ISO-8 Serum

Yellow ISO-8 Shard Processors

Item Amount
[Sewer Guardian] Abomination
(Featured Card)
1 Level Up ISO-8 Serum
Personal Energy Pack
Personal Energy Pack
Personal Power Pack
Personal Power Pack
Cosmic Canister
30,000 Silver
20,000 Silver
10,000 Silver
5,000 Silver
Rally Points
1000 Rally Points
Rally Points
800 Rally Points
Rally Points
400 Rally Points
Rally Points
200 Rally Points

Item Amount
[Wrecking Crew] Wrecker
(Feature Option)
[Flipping Out] Deadpool
(Feature Option)
[Primordial] Chaos King
(Feature Option)
Ultimate Card Pack Ticket
1 Level Up ISO-8 Serum
Personal Energy Pack
Personal Energy Pack
Personal Power Pack
Personal Power Pack
Cosmic Canister
50,000 Silver
30,000 Silver
20,000 Silver
10,000 Silver
5,000 Silver
Rally Points
2,000 Rally Points
Rally Points
1,000 Rally Points
Rally Points
800 Rally Points
Rally Points
400 Rally Points
Rally Points
200 Rally Points

[Ability Boom] ISO-8
Personal Energy Pack
Personal Energy Pack
1 Level Up ISO-8 Serum
Personal Power Pack
Personal Power Pack
Ultimate Card Pack Ticket
Rally Points
Rally Points

(2,000) (1,000) (800) (400) (200)

Cosmic Canister

(50,000) (30,000) (20,000) (10,000) (5,000)

  • Once you get each featured card from each processor (Rare, S Rare, SS Rare,) you can switch to the normal ISO-8 exchange which has no Proving Grounds reward cards.

Accumulated ISO-8 Shard Rewards

Shards Reward Shards Reward
1 Personal Power Pack x1 4,80010,000 Silver
210,000 Silver 5,100Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
3Personal Power Pack x1 5,600Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1
510,000 Silver 6,00010,000 Silver
7Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 6,500Battle Point Booster x5
10Personal Power Pack x1 7,000Personal Power Pack x1
1310,000 Silver 7,500Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
17Cosmic Canister x2 8,000Choice of SSR card
21Personal Power Pack x1 8,50010,000 Silver
2510,000 Silver 9,000Personal Power Pack x1
3010,000 Silver 9,500Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
35Personal Power Pack x1 10,000Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1
40Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 11,000Cosmic Canister x5
4510,000 Silver 12,000Personal Power Pack x1
5010,000 Silver 13,000Battle Point Booster x5
55Personal Power Pack x2 14,000Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
60Cosmic Canister x2 15,000Personal Power Pack x1
6510,000 Silver 16,00015,000 Silver
7010,000 Silver 17,000Personal Power Pack x1
80Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 18,00015,000 Silver
90Personal Power Pack x1 19,000Cosmic Canister x5
100[Psychiatric Powerhouse] Doc Samson 20,000[Weapon Master] Hepzibah
11010,000 Silver 21,000Personal Power Pack x1
12010,000 Silver 22,000Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
140Cosmic Canister x2 23,000Cosmic Canister x5
160Personal Power Pack x1 24,000Battle Point Booster x5
180Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 25,000Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
20010,000 Silver 26,000Cosmic Canister x5
230Cosmic Canister x2 27,000[Boom Boom] ISO-8
250[Focused Fury] Red Hulk 28,00015,000 Silver
290Personal Power Pack x1 29,000Personal Power Pack x1
330Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 30,000Cosmic Canister x5
37010,000 Silver 31,00015,000 Silver
410Cosmic Canister x2 32,000Cosmic Canister x5
450Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 33,000Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
500Personal Power Pack x1 34,000Personal Power Pack x1
55010,000 Silver 35,000Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1
600[Sewer Guardian] Abomination 36,000[Weapon Master] Hepzibah
65010,000 Silver 37,000Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
700Cosmic Canister x3 38,000Personal Power Pack x1
75010,000 Silver 39,00015,000 Silver
800Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 40,000[Ability Boom] ISO-8
90010,000 Silver 41,000Cosmic Canister x5
1,000Personal Power Pack x1 42,00015,000 Silver
1,100Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 43,000Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
1,200Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1 44,000Personal Power Pack x1
1,30010,000 Silver 45,000[Boom Boom] ISO-8
1,400Cosmic Canister x3 46,000Cosmic Canister x5
1,50010,000 Silver 47,00015,000 Silver
1,600Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 48,000Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
1,70010,000 Silver 49,000Personal Power Pack x1
1,800Cosmic Canister x3 50,000Ultimate Card Pack Ticket x1
2,00010,000 Silver 51,000Cosmic Canister x5
2,200Personal Power Pack x1 52,00015,000 Silver
2,400Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 53,000Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
2,600[Ability Boom] ISO-8 54,000Personal Power Pack x1
2,80010,000 Silver 55,000[Ability Boom] ISO-8
3,000Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 56,000Cosmic Canister x5
3,30010,000 Silver 57,00015,000 Silver
3,600Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 58,000Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1
3,900Personal Power Pack x1 59,000Personal Power Pack x1
4,200Level Up ISO-8 Serum x1 60,000[Boom Boom] ISO-8
4,500Cosmic Canister x3

Bonus ISO-8 Shards

  • Bonus ISO-8 shards will be handed out at the end of a pool. The number will vary based on S. rank.
  • Get bonus ISO-8 shards to help you reach the reward tiers for U Rare cards.
ISO-8 Shard Bonus
S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank Promotion Bonus Retention Bonus Demotion Bonus
Chair, Operational and Strategic Staff 3000 300
Chair, General Staff 2400 280 0
General, Fleet Command 2000 250 0
General, Strategic Operations 1800 220 0
General, Regional Strategic Operations 1500 190 0
General, Tactical Operations 1350 160 0
Field Operations Commander 1200 130 0
Tactical Commander 940 100 0
Strike Team Commander 700 70 0
Agent Commander 500 50 0
Strategic Director 400 40 0
Operational Director 300 30 0
Regional Director 200 20 0
Assistant Director 150 15 0
Tactical Officer 120 12 0
Special Officer 100 10 0

Pool Cutoffs
S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank Cutoff Rank for Promotion
Chair, Operational and Strategic Staff 2400 Top 5 (Retain Rank)
Chair, General Staff 2400 Top 3
General, Fleet Command 2000 Top 3
General, Strategic Operations 1800 Top 3
General, Regional Strategic Operations 1500 Top 3
General, Tactical Operations 1350 Top 3
Field Operations Commander 1200 Top 3
Tactical Commander 940 Top 3
Strike Team Commander 770 Top 3
Agent Commander 450 Top 3
Strategic Director 340 Top 3
Operational Director 260 Top 3
Regional Director 210 Top 3
Assistant Director 150 Top 3
Tactical Officer 100 Top 3
Special Officer 100 Top 3

How to Hold Your S. Rank

  • S. Ranks 16-24: Reach the cutoff.
  • S. Ranks 25-29: In addition to the above, enter at least one pool session each day.
  • S. Ranks 30: In addition to the above, finish in the top 5 of your pool session.

Soul Wheel

  • You'll get Souls when you defeat high level Training bosses. The number of Souls obtained may vary, depending on the level of the Training bosses you defeat.
  • Souls will not be sent to your Present List. They will be added directly to your total on the Soul Wheel Screen.

Reward Chests

[Warlock] Baron Mordo
[Vampire] Baron Blood
Epic Boost
Ultimate Card Pack Ticket
Special Ultimate Card Pack Ticket
[Boom Boom] ISO-8
[Ability Boom] ISO-8
[Personal Boom Fragment] ISO-8
Battle Point Booster
Personal Energy Pack
Personal Energy Pack
Personal Power Pack
Personal Power Pack
Battle Session Power Pack
Level Up ISO-8 Serum
Cosmic Canister

Epic Boost

An epic boost can now be attached to the U Rare reward available from Proving Grounds. Defeating [Epic] bosses guarantees an epic boost. Other bosses might drop one when defeated.

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