• Hello everyone! I'm stuck in the group of unlucky/can't get over the hump in terms of valuable cards. I've learned quite a bit from here so I figured I'd ask. I have a SR IM and an SR Thor and a ton of SR+. Pretty much the usual ones that a level 50 would have. I would like to nab a higher level card or two and have seen suggestions to trade PP's for cards.

    Only thing is....I don't want to get ripped off lol any idea of how much value a PP has? If I wanted a SR many should I offer and so on....except. SR IM or SR Thor.

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    • thats supposed. To say example: SR IM or Thor

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    • I found Jeenx's pro trading guide really useful in getting to grips with the value of cards. It's not entirely up to date but should give you a good starting point.

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    • SR cards cost 1PP (3 at most), however SSR are quite volatile in PP pricing, like Hellfire Ghost Rider that cost about 30PP.

      As a guideline the most expensive cards are Offensive Speed and Defensive Tacticians, Bruisers currently are a bit weak, but that doesn't mean they will be weak forever, if you want to invest in a brighter future for Bruisers you can actually make a decent but not spectacular Bruiser deck for a fraction of the PP.

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    • Another way you can get over the rut is to get into a fairly active alliance.  I'm not talking top 100, just active enough where you can nab at least 1-2 SR event cards from alliance rewards.  If you are buying pp's, you could save them for a raid event and nab another SR as a personal event reward...that would leave you with 2-3 SR cards that you can fuse to a SSR+ and trade the other for SR IM or Thor and make another SSR+...that would get you two 5-star cards.  Using pp's during raid events would also net you a bunch of silver and other useful items that you can use to boost/fuse/trade with.

      I probably don't need to state this if you've been reading these forums but...make sure you properly master these cards by max mastery and level so these cards are worth trading/using.

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    • just to follow up. I luckily. Pulled a SR thing and an SR Nova.

      Now the issue I'm having is figuring out how to trade PP's. When I go to the trade screen and under resources it only shows the protection web's or whatever they're called lol

      Anyone know how to offer PP's in a trade? 

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    • That's because PP is not the same as PPP or TPP, PPP cant be traded and TPP cant be traded and disappear after the training battles, you need to buy PP (the blue ones).

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    • Also look for team members that have a lot of urares and ssr's...they probably willing to down trade some base SR's if your not asking for much.

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