• Bad4URHealth73

    Cleaning House and looking for cards.

    • ·         [Multiple Selves] Deathlok – BRU- SSR
    • ·         [Midnight Son] Blade – SPD-SR
    • ·         [Ferrous Hero] Iron Man – TAC- SSR
    • ·         [Devourer’s Daughter] Galacta – TAC – SSR
    • ·         [Mind over Matter] Professor X – TAC – SSR
    • ·         [Kree Honor] Ms. Marvel – SSR- SPD
    • ·         [Tiger's Fury] Tigra – SSR- SPD **
    • ·         [Oathbrother] Beta-Ray Bill – UR - BRU **
    • ·         [Mad Titan] Thanos – UR- BRU
    • ·         [Separation Anxiety] Carnage – SSR- SPD**
    • ·         [Thunderbolt] Agent Venom – SSR- TAC**
    • ·         Any UR card (hoping to get a 2nd Legendary.)

      • Cards other alliance members are looking for.


    If there is a + after the name, the card has been PROPERLY fused (I do not fuse improperly)

    If it says base - the c…

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  • Bad4URHealth73

    Card List

    March 30, 2013 by Bad4URHealth73

    List is being updated

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  • Bad4URHealth73


    March 30, 2013 by Bad4URHealth73

    My husband got me hooked on this game, so I am just starting to get my deck up and going.  Been part of the last 3 events.

    I have another account that I have not focused much on, but it also belongs to an Alliance that doesn't do much currently so it works out.

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