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    All Card Ranking

    October 2, 2013 by Blynk nz

    Ok, here is my first attempt at trying to rank cards. This is not intended as a price guide as there are other factors that are taken into account (the worst factor is the scarcity of the card). 

    The point is to give players an idea where cards rank compare to other cards, and when new cards come out, whether it is worth pursueing them.

    As noted, this is my first attempt, and there are several things I would like to add (but don't expect me to do it quickly)

    Here are some notes:

    • MAJOR: The list is based on the cards Attack, not Defense. You will see at the bottom of the list are some good UR cards, but because the are defense cards, tehn are near the bottom.
    • Each card is rank on Attack, Ability Strength, Ability Affect, Proc Rate, and Attack W…
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  • Blynk nz

    Blynk's Shop

    September 24, 2013 by Blynk nz

    I will acknowledge Shinji and DBH for their design. :)

    Here is a list of everything that I have. Some things I am using in my decks, so I may not be so quick to sell, but I will flag these.

    • I am willing to sell my cards for cheap.
    • I am willing to give a multicard discount (4+ cards)
    • Skill 1-3 cards will be at or below what they are listed for on Sleepys Guide.
    • Higher skill cards will have an additional fee, which will rise as the skill level goes up.
    •  Basically what I want is PP (don't we all).
    • I will accept trades, but there are 2 conditions
      •  I am not willing to trade down (you give me 2 cards for 1 of mine), but I am willing to trade up.
      • I will not be as generous as if you were giving me PP
    • I also plan on selling some SSR+, SR+ or Rare that can be…

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    Raider Formulas

    May 25, 2013 by Blynk nz

    I have made a quick Google docs file to calculate the expected damage to a boss during the Raider events.

    Here is a VERY quick run down. Please don't change the master file, make a copy of it for yourself

    I have 3 tables, 1 for Bruiser, Speed, Tactics. You can put in the Name, Card Alignment, Level & Attack Points and it will calculate your attack for the different RDS amounts

    On the top right, you can put in the Boss type & your attack points (to calculate the bonus)

    On the bottom left, you can add any cards that you want to see what damage they will do, or even what would happen if you boost cards  (I.e. Is the max Iron Fist+ raider card bette…

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  • Blynk nz

    Wallbreaker Formulas

    May 12, 2013 by Blynk nz

    Here is a spreadsheet that will work out damage done to a wall with your cards. It will take into account the reductions applied while attacking the wall (currently calculated at 5%), and then the increase applied by the bonuses.

    Wallbreaker Calculations (Google Doc)

    How to use -

    • Hopefully the list of wallbreaker cards are up to date
    • Select your 5 cards by either using the dropdown list to select a wallbreaker, or you can just type any card name in.
    • Type in the current attack points for the card.
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  • Blynk nz

    Level Stats Google DocIf you do help out, feel free to leave your name on the front page so I can give thanks to you.

    Here is my page devoted to finding a formula (at least an approximate formula) for the Card Stats. 

    How many times have you been offered a fuse card that is mid level and you have no idea whether it is fused correctly. Sometimes its easy to tell because the mastery is at a level below what the 2 cards fused should be (like 1/150). The end use of this will be to help establish whether a card is fused correctly. 

    Its mean the mastery is above the minimum level that it becomes rather had to determine.

    So far I know that there is at least 2 formulas used to work out the base stats.

    1 - A straight line equation. Oh so simple

    2 - A cur…

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