I will acknowledge Shinji and DBH for their design. :)

Trading Post

Here is a list of everything that I have. Some things I am using in my decks, so I may not be so quick to sell, but I will flag these.

  • I am willing to sell my cards for cheap.
  • I am willing to give a multicard discount (4+ cards)
  • Skill 1-3 cards will be at or below what they are listed for on Sleepys Guide.
  • Higher skill cards will have an additional fee, which will rise as the skill level goes up.
  •  Basically what I want is PP (don't we all).
  • I will accept trades, but there are 2 conditions
    •  I am not willing to trade down (you give me 2 cards for 1 of mine), but I am willing to trade up.
    • I will not be as generous as if you were giving me PP
  • I also plan on selling some SSR+, SR+ or Rare that can be used for boosting. You can ask for the skill level you want for this (I.e. 5 SR+ at skill level 5).


Alignment Card Stock Skill Value

Daddy's Girl Black Cat

3 4, 4, 1 30, 30, 25
Speed HellFire Ghost Rider 4 4, 4, 3, 3 25, 25, 20, 20
Speed Flyboy Human Torch 2 1, 1 20, 20
Speed Wicked Bad Luck Black Cat 1 2 8
Bruiser Proletarian Colossus 1 2 35
Bruiser Death Lover Thanos 1 (TBA) (TBA)


Alignment Card Stock Skill Value

Psychic Blade Psylocke

1 8
Tactics Scientific Solution Mr. Fantastic 1 5
Tactics Ferrous Hero Iron Man 1 8
Speed Flyboy Human Torch 3 12,12,12
Speed Secret Avenger Nova 2 5, 5
Speed Wall Crawler Spider-Man 1 5
Bruiser Enemy Inside Hulk 1 5
Bruiser Incredible Rage Hulk 1 5
Bruiser Thunder God Thor 1 5


Alignment Rarity Card Stock Skill Value
Tactics SSR+ Vibranium Shield Captain America 1 2
Tactics SSR+ Supreme Magician Doctor Strange 1 1
Speed SSR+ Secret Veteran Arachne 1 2
Bruiser SSR+ Annihilator Beta-Ray Bill 1 1
Bruiser SR Annihilator Beta-Ray Bill 1
Speed SR Ascended Scarlet Spider 3
Bruiser SR Collective Consciousness Venom 2
Speed SR Darkchilde Magik 2
Tactics SR Demonic Vessel The Hood 3
Bruiser SR Exile Thor 1
Speed SR Fire Blast Human Torch 2
Tactics SR Hand Mistress Elektra 3
Tactics SR Lady Light Dagger 2
Tactics SR Lie-Smith Loki 1
Speed SR Merc with a Mouth Deadpool 1
Speed SR Multiple Personality Moonstone 2
Tactics SR Overflight Falcon 1
Speed SR Pixie Wasp 1
Tactics SR Red Death Elektra 2
Bruiser SR Regeneration Anti-Venom 1
Tactics SR Skilled Marksman Hawkeye 1
Tactics SR Skyfather Zeus 1
Tactics SR Synthezoid Vision 1
Speed SR Tainted Soul Hellcat 1
Bruiser SR Third Son Vulcan 3
Tactics SR Unseen Power Invisible Woman 1
Tactics SR Venomous Madame Hydra 1
SR Ravenous Galactus 1
Tactics SR Goliath Giant Man 1
SR Dark Son Daken 1
SR Supreme Magician Doctor Strange 1
SR Seductress Enchantress 1
SR He Who Sleeps But Shall Awake Shuma-Gorath 1
SR Son of Odin Thor 1
SR Advanced Intelligence Ultron 1
SR Gamma Monster Hulk 1
SR Planetary Predator Ego 1
SR Black Bolt 1
SR Prince of Attilan Black Bolt 1
Speed SR Cloned Eliminator X-23 1
SR Practitioner of Ancient Alchemy Dr Strange 2
SR Unleashed Power Thing 2
Speed SR Vampire Hunter Blade 1
SR Centurion Nova Prime Nova 2
SR Steel Cyborg War Machine 2
SR Son of Chaos Wiccan 2
SR Psychic Katana Psylocke 3
SR Worthy Sif 2
SR Infinity Watch Adam Warlock 1
SR Arcane Defender Doctor Strange 1
SR The Tamer Terrax 1
SR Scion of Olympus Hercules 1
Speed SR Vengeful Sabretooth 1
SR Red Hulk 1
SR 1
SR 1
SR 1

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