Level Stats Google DocIf you do help out, feel free to leave your name on the front page so I can give thanks to you.

Here is my page devoted to finding a formula (at least an approximate formula) for the Card Stats. 

How many times have you been offered a fuse card that is mid level and you have no idea whether it is fused correctly. Sometimes its easy to tell because the mastery is at a level below what the 2 cards fused should be (like 1/150). The end use of this will be to help establish whether a card is fused correctly. 

Its mean the mastery is above the minimum level that it becomes rather had to determine.

What I know so far

So far I know that there is at least 2 formulas used to work out the base stats.

1 - A straight line equation. Oh so simple

2 - A curved equation. Looking at some data it seems to be a polynomial curve. With the stats dropping off the higher the level.

What I don't know

I don't know a lot of things, but here are a few that I will hopefully answer

1 - When does a straight line equation get applied, and when is it curved


My original assumption is that it is based on the Ability. I don't believe this is the case anymore, or there is more to it than that. There may not be any rhyme or reason behind it, and it could just be whatever Mobage decides.

2 - Are there different equations? Can the difference in the stats get lower til it reaches mid way and then increase again. Could the stats stats of smaller and get larger at the end?


There could be different equation, but this would probably be between the Rarities if anything.

No & No. I don't think it will shrink and then get bigger, and I don't think it starts off smaller and gets bigger.

Data Collection

Level Stats Google Doc (if the google docs doesn't work, I can set up some tables here to populate the data)

So, I need some data collection, but I need a lot of data. To be able to find the equation, I need to know most of the levels for a card. If there are big gaps then I am taking big assumptions for the inbetween data. (However, if I start to narrow down a formula then the gaps won't matter).

Getting the values for each level of a card is slow going & costly. I can't fuse or boost cards to raise multiple levels at once. Thats not too bad in the lower levels where it is cheap, but in the later levels it gets costly (and slow going).

I have set up a google doc to be able to input the data into. I have created several character pages to help. If anytime you boost a level of a card, it would be great if those stats could be entered in. That way everyone can  still boost their cards as efficiently as they want, and I will get a more complete dataset.

I have started with the reward cards for the current event (Sheild Enforcement Training 6 (Carnage)), because I assume there will be a few people here that will be boosting these after the event. 

I have also included a couple of others that I started to track.

So far I have

Separation Anxiety Carnage

Unbreakable Colossus

Obsessive Revenge Whiplash

The Best There Is Wolverine

Asgardian Lightning Thor

Arsenal Punisher

However, you can add in any other character you like. 


Now I'm no statician (although I am a data analyst). Formulas are not my forte.

If anyone else would like to help with this, be my guess. I have thrown some data into Excel, graphed it and added a trend line to it. It looks like it is Polynomial with 5 terms, but I doubt that Mobage has gone to that much trouble to work out stats.

Saving Time

There are a few cards that have the same increase for every level. Once this has been established, we don't need to continue collecting data for that card. This will be easy to spot after 3 or 4 levels of data.

Other Resources

Also see Shinji's work on Boosting

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