I have made a quick Google docs file to calculate the expected damage to a boss during the Raider events.

Here is a VERY quick run down. Please don't change the master file, make a copy of it for yourself

I have 3 tables, 1 for Bruiser, Speed, Tactics. You can put in the Name, Card Alignment, Level & Attack Points and it will calculate your attack for the different RDS amounts

On the top right, you can put in the Boss type & your attack points (to calculate the bonus)

On the bottom left, you can add any cards that you want to see what damage they will do, or even what would happen if you boost cards  (I.e. Is the max Iron Fist+ raider card better than a UR card?)

On the middle right (M10 & N10) you can add the day it is and the boss health. It will then calculate the different ways of attacking the boss. The first way using all 6 RDS till its dead. The second is using as many 6RDS until the health is less that a 6RDS health, then it drops to 3 RDS. The third does the same but looks at 1RDS too.

In the table at M16, it will tell you the course of action.

I do have a variance value in the (N11), because the attack amount is never the same. So this drops the attack by this amount just in case (The last thing you want is having to you 3x3RDS rather than 1x6RDS because of a variance).

If you notice anything looking wrong, let me know. I will also let you know if I update anything on it.

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