• Cmancuso621


    • Ability Boom ISO-8
    • Secret Agent Black Widow
    • Level Up Ernie ISO-8
    • Level Up Marge ISO-8
    • Level Up Zeke ISO-8
    • Personal Level-Up Fragment ISO-8
    • A Jingle and A Tingle Stocking
    • Red in the Ledger Black Widow
    • Fickle Fortune Black Cat
    • Shield Maiden Sif
    • Cosmic Energy Havok
    • Inhuman Queen Medusa
    • Precise Shot Hawkeye
    • Moon Knight
    • Chaos Magic Scarlet Witch
    • Mister Elastic Mr. Fantastic
    • Obsessive Revenge Whiplash
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  • Cmancuso621

    I love Marvel.  First and foremost let that be known as a fact.  Secondly, I love games.  Those two statements, in themselves, make Marvel: War of Heroes a perfect game for me.  Free games are ideal, but I understand the economics of this country and making money is the name of the game, of this country.  Therefore, I understand that games cost money.

    When one purchases something, there is usually an end to justify the mean, except in the case of a lottery, or a star.  With most video games, the end is the enjoyment of playing and the satisfaction of "beating" the game that justifies the money spent to purchase the game.  With physical card games, the end is keeping the cards and the risk that they're "worth" may eventually make ones purcha‚Ķ

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