I love Marvel.  First and foremost let that be known as a fact.  Secondly, I love games.  Those two statements, in themselves, make Marvel: War of Heroes a perfect game for me.  Free games are ideal, but I understand the economics of this country and making money is the name of the game, of this country.  Therefore, I understand that games cost money.

When one purchases something, there is usually an end to justify the mean, except in the case of a lottery, or a star.  With most video games, the end is the enjoyment of playing and the satisfaction of "beating" the game that justifies the money spent to purchase the game.  With physical card games, the end is keeping the cards and the risk that they're "worth" may eventually make ones purchase worth while.

Marvel: War of Heroes, however, has none of those aforementioned qualities, and is yet completely addicting.  It seems that there is an unspoken requirement to spend money on cards in order to achieve a high level of game play within the game.  Top players that spend dollars upon dollars on highly priced card packs get the best cards, use those cards to place high in events, and win more cards.  Players that do not spend the money, or that elect to spend small amounts of money, get mediocre cards, place moderately in events, and are awarded more mediocre cards.

The disappointment is evident.  Those players that elect to spend any money, but especially within the category of "a little" bit of money, are constantly disappointed with cards that are otherwise free as low level event rewards or in rally card packs.  There is an opportunity for the developers to generate more interest and more money if the game would only allow this brand of player to succeed, without excessive spending.  There are three types of players currently.  Type A are players that spend massive amounts of money on power packs and high level card packs.  Type B are players that spend little money on mid range or low level card packs.  Type C players spend no money.  Type A getting high rewards is justified.  Type B getting the same rewards as Type C is not justified.  Giving Type B some sort of exclusive rewards for their spending accomplishes one amazing feat for the developer and generates much more revenue.  The promise of rewards is what creates Type B players, but also deters Type C players from spending money because it is simply a promise and not a guarantee.  Guaranteeing an award for Type B sends a message to Type C, potentially drawing changes in player habits from Type C to Type B, and could eventually lead to the elimination of Type C.  Win-win for the developer and the Type B player.

This rant turned more into a progressive idea on how to give someone else people's money, including my own.  More than that, however, it details the frustration of Type B players, like myself.  I love Marvel, and I love games, but I hate disappointment.  Spending money, not feeling rewarded, and not having something to show for it will eventually lead to the elimination of Type B players from this game.  Eventually, a lotto ticket will be more appealing, or a star.

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