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    The Community's Wiki

    June 7, 2013 by DinoKev
    This blog in a nut shell: We are all working together towards the same goal in this big wiki project and the whole community is the boss of this wiki.

    I've talked to Zai about my concerns which lead to him posted this thread and I think i'll just be honest and transparent and tell everyone about it. Let me start with a little story of me. I used to be an admin of another wiki for about 6 months a year ago. It was my first wiki. During my time as an admin I was running it like a boss. So a lot of the decisions will require my approval. It felt great to be able to have a lot of control in the wiki and a lot of people thanked me for my work. The admins I promoted were sort of working under me as i get the final say in everything. But after a f…

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  • DinoKev

    Here're some of the useful references for fixing and creating more templates and features for the wiki.

    • Parser Functions - for writing formula, what should happen if certain values are entered etc.
    • Magic Words - associates with a return value such as the number the pages, current page name, today's date, numbers formatting etc.
    • Semantic Mediawiki - Data processing and queries etc - mainly used for the card lists and templates.
    • Semantic Forms - How to create forms for template such as the card edit forms.
    • Wikia Technical Help Pages
    • Community Central Support Forum
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    Wiki Policies

    May 18, 2013 by DinoKev

    As the wiki continue to grow, I think it's time for us to have an official policy for this wiki. By having an official policy in place, everyone will have a clear idea of what all the rules are, this should make it easier for the rules to be enforced.

    Within this few weeks I will be drafting the policy for this wiki. As it is a wiki's norm that major decisions be made with consensus, the final draft will go through 2 rounds of consensus before it can become the official policy of this wiki. The first round will be at admin level and the second round will be wiki wide.

    This document will be made up of mostly all the common practices and rules that have already been put into practice since the wiki was founded, therefore i don't think it will …

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    Update to Wiki Forum

    November 29, 2012 by DinoKev

    Hi everyone,

    It's been a while since i last edited on as I'm currently taking a break from the game. Here's an update to the wiki forum. The New Wikia Forum (demo) will be made available to all wikis tomorrow. It will be more user friendly especially for those who are new to wiki editing. The format will be similar to the message wall so signature and timestamps will be added automatically.

    As currently there are some active discussions in the current forum, the New Wikia Forum will only be switched on after all the current active discussions have ended. Please try to hold on until the New Wikia Forum is activated if you would like start a new discussion. The existing forum will be archived once the New Wikia Forum is turned on.

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  • DinoKev

    Updates to Infobox Cards

    November 13, 2012 by DinoKev

    Here are some of the changes made to infobox cards:

    • The rarity will be removed from the will no longer be required as it will automatically add a plus sign to the next fused form.
    • Maximum card level of final form cards will be generated automatically based on the maximum card level of the base card +10.
    • Maximum atk/def is the value with mastery bonus added. Please add numbers only to this parameter. Brackets and words will cause an error and the entry will not show up in List of Cards.
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