Sematic MediaWiki

Sematic MediaWiki is now activated on this wiki. It is a very powerful tool, it will make sorting and looking for card pages or specific cards easier. You can set properties to each field (demo), "ask" different queries such as show all female cards and all female cards will be listed and tabulated (demo). Forms can also be created for data input (demo), with this there will be less room for error because for certain fields such as "Gender" and "Rarity", you can actually choose from the drop down menu.

Changes will have to be made to templates and card pages in order to accommodate it, we will need all the help we can get. It doesn't matter even if you're new to editing, you will learn as you go along. Please leave a comment below if you are interested in participating in this project. You will be involved in discussion and the implementation of the changes.

Other Ways to Help

The article listed in Category:Article stubs are waiting for you to edit and add more details to them. Don't keep them waiting too long! =)


As the wiki continues to grow, we will need a few more admin. The admin roles are listed on Project:Administrators. It would be beneficial if you have done at least some editing on this wiki before becoming one. For Marvel: War of Heroes Wiki the main duty will be to prevent vandalism and delete spams - usually these will be invitation code or trade requests. Please leave me a message on my wall if you would like to be an admin. We have enough admins now.

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