I'm trying to work out the maximum level of cards based on the card rarity to write the wikicode which autogenerates this information when the rarity of a card is defined. Please feel free to supply more information by posting as a comment.

Card Rarity Maximum Card Level Maximum Mastery Level
Common 20 20
Uncommon 30 25
Rare 40 (Morbius) 30  (Morbius) or 125
S Rare 50 ([Vampire Hunter] Blade) 35 ([Vampire Hunter] Blade) or 150 ([Legal Eagle] She-Hulk+)
SS Rare 40 or 60 ([Son of Asgard] Thor) 40 ([Son of Asgard] Thor) or 150

U Rare

50 (Black Widow+++) or 70 ([Son of Asgard] Thor+)  200 ([Son of Asgard] Thor+) or 350 (Black Widow+++)
Legandary 80 [Friendly Neighbor] Spider-Man+ 250 [Friendly Neighbor] Spider-Man+

Update: It seems like there is a pattern but some cards have irregular maximum levels.

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