Here are some of the changes made to infobox cards:

  • The rarity will be removed from the
    |imagecaption =
    parameter, the rarity will be added back to the card by using wikicodes using the rarity parameter if requires.
  • Since imagecaption 1 will be the same as the title of the infobox,
    |title =
    parameter will be removed and the data will be taken from imagecaption 1.
  • imagecaption 2 to 4 will no longer be required as it will automatically add a plus sign to the next fused form.
  • Maximum card level of final form cards will be generated automatically based on the maximum card level of the base card +10.
  • Maximum atk/def is the value with mastery bonus added. Please add numbers only to this parameter. Brackets and words will cause an error and the entry will not show up in List of Cards.

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