Ever since the alliance merger in April, we have been talking about using the LINE app for communicating and coordinating within the alliance.  As of today 25 out of 31 alliance members use the LINE app, and we require all new recruits to use LINE before we accept their request to join our alliance.  

Most importantly, the use of LINE was critical to the alliance securing a 425 ranking in the last event.  If we look at the scores from the last event and compare the average valor per player for LINE users vs. those who do not use LINE within our alliance, the results were thus:

  • Average valor per player with LINE = 12,591
  • Average valor per player without LINE = 5,467

The time has come when we need all of our alliance members to use LINE so that we may coordinate more efficiently during in-game events and communicate more effectively as an alliance.  This communication includes sharing game information and alliance updates, posting cards needed as well as cards for trade, and talking through plans for coordinating our efforts to maximize impact for all of us.

If you have not joined our group on LINE and would like to remain in The Brave 300 alliance:

  • Please download the app to your mobile device (Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry, NOKIA Asha)
    • For those of you who are on work devices which prohibit chat apps, download the app to your laptop or desktop computer (Windows, Mac OS X, Windows 8)
  • Do a search on LINE for Dombrosky
  • Send a message to Dombrosky with your in-game name requesting to join the group
  • I will send an invitation to you within LINE to join our chat group
  • Additionally, I will send an invitation to you within LINE to join our trading chat room -- this area is used to post cards available for trade as well as to announce which cards you are looking for.

Please, complete the steps above by 10:00pm Eastern US time on Friday, May 24th.  Failure to do so will result in removal from the alliance.

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