SHIELD Engagement Training events place alliances in battles against each other for valor points.  The alliance who wins the battle receives bonus valor points.  Valor points determine individual and alliance rankings and rewards for the multi-day event.

Since this event has ramifications for everyone in the alliance, here are a few rules to help us make the most of the event.


During the last engagement training event, we discovered that quite a few members were not using the alliance forum or the in-game rally system to communicate with the rest of us.  For this event, we are going to try a new communication option.

Many alliances in the game use a third-party messaging system to communicate with each other.  One of the more popular apps used by game members isLine , which is available for smartphones, tablets and PC.

Alliance Member Task:

  • Please, download the Line app for your device
  • Create an account - preferably using your in-game screenname
  • Add me as a friend - my screenname is Dombrosky
  • Once you have added me, I will invite you to the Mutantkind group
  • Completing this task confirms that you have read these rules and agree to participate

The Mutantkind group on Line has both a message board and a chat area.

  • Use the Message Board to post cards for trade, cards you are seeking, tips or tricks, etc.  This area can be used at any time and can help us to assist each other with maximizing our decks.
  • Use the Chat area to communicate with alliance members before and during battle
    • Check the chat area to see if other alliance members are online and ready to begin battle
    • Use the chat area to communicate about the DEF Leader's deck and what it may take to defeat it
    • Use the chat area to identify members of the opposing alliance with weakened defenses


When you visit the SHIELD Engagement Training area of the game, you will either have the option to begin training or to join the alliance in a battle already in progress.

  • Before selecting "begin training," please make sure that there are other alliance members online and ready to engage in battle.
    • During an alliance battle, the alliance leaders have a target on their backs because a player can receive bonus valor points for defeating an alliance leader (includes Alliance Leader, Vice Leader, Offensive Leader, Defensive Leader positions).  It is a good idea to see if there are any leaders available to participate, so that they can replenish their DEF points, if necessary.
    • The Alliance Leader is responsible for building Protection Walls between battles.  Check with me via rally in-game or a message on Line (name: Dombrosky) to remind me to rebuild the walls before you initiate your battle.
  • If you are initiating an alliance battle, please be prepared to fight.  
    • In the past, we have encountered an issue wherein an alliance member would initiate a battle then fail to attack the Wall or a player from the opposing alliance.
    • OR - They would initiate an alliance battle but only strike once during the entire battle.
    • Alliance members who launch us into battle should be prepared to strike two or more times during the battle.
    • Failure to strike at least twice after intiating an alliance battle is grounds for potential expulsion after the event.
    • If you did not initiate the battle and are able to only strike once, that's great.  Please, participate!  This rule only pertains to individuals who launch us into a given battle.

That's it.  Have fun!

If you have any questions, rally me in-game or msg me on Line.

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