Toward the end of last weekend's training event, the topic arose in our Line chat room of merging our alliance with another alliance, in particular The Brave 300.  

Why Merge with Another Alliance?

Like us, The Brave 300 had a number of players who did not communicate during the event, forced the alliance into battle without preparation, or simply did not participate at all.  Also like us, they expelled those players from the alliance after the training event concluded.

The merger idea was introduced with the reasoning that joining two alliances with active, communicative members will benefit us all primarily by:

  • Creating a stronger alliance with an even better performance in events together than either alliance could achieve on its own.  This is simply additive math.  If our alliance was able to secure an 846 ranking in the most recent event on our own, then imagine what we could do with 20+ more active alliance members working with us.
  • Expanding trading opportunities.  Again, by joining with 20+ active players, we increase our trading pool.

Why Not Just Recruit New Alliance Members?

We talked about staying where we are and recruiting new members, but this is more difficult than it sounds for two reasons:

  1. Most of the stronger, active and communicative players are already members of an alliance.  Correspondingly, it is not so easy to find those who are not with an alliance or are displeased with their current alliance.
  2. Most of the alliance member requests that we currently receive come from people who do not respond to attempts to vet them via in-game rallies or the Line chat app.  So, they are unknown commodities and may prove as challenging to work with as the members we just expelled after the last event.

As The Brave 300 has been operating as an alliance already, we know that their remaining members are active, communicative, and interested in further strengthening their group by merging with us.

How Will This Work?

  1. Members of Mutantkind who wish to participate in this merger will request to join The Brave 300 alliance this weekend - Saturday, April 20 & Sunday, April 21, 2013.
    1. You will need to start the process by leaving the Mutantkind alliance.
    2. Then go to Menu>>Player Search and enter A-Gibson-1983 (the current leader for their alliance)
    3. Click on The Brave 300 at the top of his profile
    4. Then request alliance membership
  2. On Friday of this week, I will be sending to A-Gibson-1983 a list of our alliance members who wish to participate in the merger.
    1. Please send me a message on Line or rally me in-game by 6pm EDT on Friday to let me know if you will be participating in the merger.  If I do not hear from you, then I will assume that you do not wish to participate.
    2. If you do not wish to participate in the merger, you may stay in the Mutantkind alliance or you can always choose to go elsewhere.  
  3. Remember that there will be a two-week period before you will be able to trade with members of The Brave 300.
    1. That includes our current alliance members who join The Brave 300.
    2. If you have any trades you wish to conduct with current alliance members, do so before Saturday.
  4. When you join The Brave 300 alliance, please donate resources to the alliance within the first week.  This is simply a good faith gesture as a new alliance member.

What If We Merge, and It Doesn't Work Out?

  • Msmarvelamerica will be taking the reins of the Mutantkind alliance on Friday.  
  • We will give the merger a period of time to see how well it goes.
  • If anyone is dissatisfied at the end of that period, then they can rejoin the Mutantkind alliance.


  • Message me on the Line app @Dombrosky
  • Send a rally to me in-game.

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