Greetings to The Brave 300 members!  We currently have a leadership position open - either OFF or DEF. If you are interested in being considered for one of these positions, please complete the instructions below:

  • Send the following information to me by end of day on Tuesday, May 7th.
    • The position for which you wish to be considered
    • Card information for your best ATK or DEF deck
      • Card names (in the order in which they appear in your deck)
      • Rarity (base or fused)
      • ATK or DEF score, as appropriate
      • Ability level
  • You can send that information to me via in-game rally [ign: Dombrosky], via instant message on Line [id: Dombrosky], or via email at 
  • Once I receive your information, I will enter it into the online battle simulator to determine your deck's maximum strength as follows:
    • ATK decks will be analyzed to include base ATK score, alliance adaptor boost, and the 3 strongest abilities. [This will NOT include scrapper bonus or special combos.]
    • DEF decks will be analyzed to include base DEF score, alliance adaptor boost, and the 3 strongest abilities. [This will NOT include special combos.]
    • We are looking for decks with highest ATK or DEF of 90K+ using the parameters above
  • The comparative data will be recorded in a Google document and shared with the alliance on Tuesday, May 7th along with the position announcement.
  • The leader determined in this review will hold their position through the next SHIELD Engagement Training event.  After that, we will open the review process again.  
  • This allows us to objectively identify the strongest ATK and DEF decks in the alliance that can help us maximize our performance in group events.
  • This also allows anyone to be considered for a position as their decks continue to improve over time.

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