For new players to the game, this wiki provides a number of revelations.  Arguably the two most most important revelations are:

  1. In order to maximize the ATK and DEF scores of your fused cards, you need maximize the level and mastery of the two unfused base cards PRIOR to fusing.  
  2. You can gain MORE mastery for your cards FASTER by battling high level players with low DEF power scores.

Once you get over your skepticism and try the tactic, angels sing.  You realize that you might actually be able to play this game.

You also quickly learn that most of the high level players with a 10 DEF power score run a defensive deck of 5 maxed, mastered and fused Mockingbirds.  So your next step is determining exactly how much ATK power you need to beat the Mockingbird deck.

So let's look at the worst case scenario:  the leader of an alliance with a Speed adapter running a DEF deck of 5 M/M Mockingbirds+.

Card DEF #Cards Subtotal

Alliance Adapter

Leader Bonus

Hero Combo


M/M Mockingbird+ 1,354 * 5  = 6770 +1,020 +779 +257  = 8,826

There you have it.  If you run an ATK deck of 8,826 or more, then you should always beat the Mockingbird+ deck and earn the mastery points for your cards.

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