Since I've already done the more difficult job of working out the usage for abilities (how often the activate), I'll turn now to a request I've recently had to clarify the Effects (how much they boost or degrade when they activate).

Rarity across the top, the effect listed on the left column. A DUAL effect means that the ability affects BOTH ATK AND DEF. Otherwise, it will only do one. So the row labeled "Alignment & Dual Faction" should be used to note the impact of a card that affects EITHER the ATK OR DEF of an ALIGNMENT (FF Wolverine, SC Spider-man, that She-hulk, PD Dr. Strange, etc.) and the #'s in that row are also the same for cards that have an effect on HEROES or VILLAINS with their ATK AND DEF (e.g. MODOK, Nightmare [note: these numbers appear to be equivalent at skill 1 but not 10, charts have been updated accordingly, additional research may lead to further revision]). Got it?

Skill 1 SR/SSR+ SSR/UR+ UR/L+ L/UL+
Faction * 19% 23% 26%
Alignment & Dual Faction 12% 16% 20% 24%
Team & Dual Alignment 9% 12% 16% 20%
Dual Team 7% 9% X X

Same deal, level 10 (and guess who figured out how to add a smidge of color! [it's a work in progress])

Skill 10 SR/SSR+ SSR/UR+ UR/L+ L/UL+
Faction * 28.8% 34.5% 41.4%
Dual Faction 23% 27.6% 33.4% X
Alignment 20% 25.5% 30% 36%
Team & Dual Alignment * 20% 24% 29%
Dual Team * * X X

  • Testing in progress; X = currently no card at this ability/rarity

But let's say you're not the best at math and you've heard that DEGRADES are better than BOOSTS, but you're not really sure how to understand that from the above.

Have no fear.

Here's a handy conversion table for the most commonly used types of DEGRADES, the team degrades (single not dual, There are a handful of cards that dual team degrade, but none at the SSR base or higher level, unless you count Chosen-one Jean Grey, which I'm not going to for this)

Skill\Rarity SSR/UR+ UR/L+ L/UL+
Affects Team Degrade %
Skill 1 12% 16% 20%
Skill 10 20% 24% 29%
(still team) Boost Equivalent %
Skill 1 13.63% 19.04% 25%
Skill 10 25% 32% 40.85%

Again, this chart is just for the Team Degrades. An Alignment degrade, like PD Dr. Strange, has the equivalent power of a 25% boost at level 1 and a 42.9% degrade at level 10. If you've read this far, you deserve to be reminded that this is the highest number on this page. That's right, Strange will beat a ULeg+ faction degrade (well, in ability) and his stats are actually not too far from theirs either... But this won't be a huge surprise to anyone who's seen my home page here, you can probably intuite what I run.

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