So, as I may have mentioned, I've been recording battles. I've also been analyzing Shinji's excellent work ( I also made a handy proc simulator (part of a larger battle sim since it needs updating -- i figure we need to get the proc rates sorted first).

I thought about posting the raw data from my own trials and walking everyone through my spreadsheets and thought processes, but my mind's a scary place (it's something like two dozen spreadsheets over several files), so I thought, maybe I'll just start with the good stuff, the bottom line, the "take-aways" and we maybe post data later and we can hash out specifics in the comments or in another thread.

So, without further ado, here is my current best guess/calculation for PROC rates, as well as activation rates as they will appear in various positions for the various rarities of cards. NOTE: the rows in italics are NOT based on data, but were rather inferred based on the numbers in the rest of the table. They are, in my mind, of course, reasonable assumptions, but the least empirically based of the numbers:

PROC Rates!
Rate Center Wing 3 proc
High10 70% 100% 48% 92%
High 54% 100% 43% 75%
R.high10 60% 100% 45% 82%
R. high 47% 93% 39% 61%
Ave10 50% 100% 41% 69%
Ave 39% 78% 35% 43%
R. low10 40% 80% 35% 46%
R. low 33% 65% 31% 29%
Low10 30% 60% 29% 24%
Low 25% 50% 24% 16%

And in a different format, highlighting the effects of skilling:

3proc Wing Center Rate Skill 1 Skilled Rate Center Wing 3proc
75% 43% 100% 54% high high10 70% 100% 48% 92%
61% 39% 93% 47% r.high r.hi10 60% 100% 45% 82%
43% 35% 78% 39% ave ave10 50% 100% 41% 69%
29% 31% 65% 33% r.low r.low10 40% 80% 35% 46%

So a few notes:

  1. I need to figure out how to add some color to these charts
  2. Skilling is GOOD for proc-ing and it gets BETTER at the higher rarities!!!
  3. The center boost (double) is just as effective for a 50% proc rate as a 70% proc rate--so place wisely
    1. Corollary, everything 50% or greater WILL go off in center (roughly skill 2-3 r. high or skill 10 ave) so, if you want your hero boost or team degrade to go off for sure, you know where to put it.
    2. The other cards, have a ceiling of 50% chance of going off in the wing position (consider a 100% chance proc with a limit of 2 among 4 cards). Both R. High skill 10 and High 10 are nearly there, but that 3% difference adds up--a wing deck of high will 3 proc 10% more often than r.hi wings!
    3. A deck with a skill 10 ave center card and 4 high wings will proc JUST AS OFTEN as a deck of 5 high cards. BUT both will proc more often then a deck of 4 high's and a skill 10 ave were the ave10 is in the wing and one of the highs is in the center!
  4. Hypothetically, if there were a rarity above High, a wing deck of them would 3 proc over 97% of the time.
  5. Looks like Yusoki got most of his data from skill 10 (or close) cards [1]
  6. Ave and R. High skill 1-->10 is really close to a 1% per level. We have enough missing data and some of these numbers are close enough that it could actually be that (i.e. 50% at r. high base instead of 48%), but if ever a skill 1 rel. high DOESN'T proc in center, it confirms it's not 50%

more to come!

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