Iron Man 3 will be released on 5/3/13. I had an idea of an Iron Man 3 Card Pack. It would sort of be like ISO-8 Processors. You can only change card packs if you got the Mandarin featured card.

Iron Man 3 CP1

Price: 500 Gold


2 Cards

1 Ticket

1 Bonus Present

Card Rarity: Rare to Ultimate Rare


-Villain Card Pack

-Hero Card Pack

-Ultimate Card Pack

-Special Ultimate Card Pack

Bonus Presents:

[Ability Boom] ISO-8

2 Personal Energy Packs

2 Personal Power Packs


Featured Cards:

[The Teacher] Mandarin (U Rare) 1/1

[Mark XLII] Iron Man (U Rare) 1/1

[Ferrous Hero] Iron Man (SS Rare) 1/1

[Representative] Iron Patriot (SS Rare) 2/2

[Weapon Barrage] War Machine (SS Rare) 3/3

[Extremis] Pepper Potts (S Rare) 4/4

Other Obtainable Cards:

[Arc Reactor] Iron Man (U Rare)

[Repulsor Beam] Iron Man (S Rare)

[Steel Cyborg] War Machine (S Rare)

[V.T.R.B.S.] War Machine (Rare)

Iron Monger (Rare)

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