• Harryc1209

    In this test, we look into how a invalid skill on your deck could affect over skill activation. When I say invalid skill I mean for example degrade Speed def when opposite deck does not have a speed card.

    Deck 2 - this deck have 5 average cards, where card 3 is a degrade Speed def. Facing against a opposite with no speed card. In this case, card 3 will never proc, but what does this mean to other card and the over deck?

    Deck 2 - proc rate per card:
    Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4 Card 5
    90.32% 32.26% 0% 35.48% 38.71%

    Average proc rate - 39.35%

    Average proc rate (exclude card 3) - 49.19%

    Compare with the base data on deck 0, card 1 still have relatively high proc rate.

    Interestingly, we see a drop on proc rate, on card 2. From 54.84% on Deck 0 to 32.26…

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  • Harryc1209

    Hope to figure out a relationship between different usage, for example Average vs High

    Disclaimer - data on this blog should only be used for relative comparison, shall not be treat as final proc rate.

    I have put together 2 desk:

    Deck 0 - all average cards 

    This is used as the baseline.

    'Deck '1 - all average cards except card #3 which is a high.

    I have done 31 battle using each desk and some interesting trends appears:

    1.  Vast different on proc rate depending on the position of the card.

    Table below shows the % of chance of each card's ability triggered in a battle.

    Out of 30 battle, ability on Card1 triggered 25 times, then we see a decline from Card2 onwards.

    Deck 0
    Card1 (average) Card2 (average) Card3 (average) Card4 (average) Card5 (average)
    83.87% 5…

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