Hope to figure out a relationship between different usage, for example Average vs High

Disclaimer - data on this blog should only be used for relative comparison, shall not be treat as final proc rate.

I have put together 2 desk:

Deck 0 - all average cards 

This is used as the baseline.

'Deck '1 - all average cards except card #3 which is a high.

I have done 31 battle using each desk and some interesting trends appears:

1.  Vast different on proc rate depending on the position of the card.

Table below shows the % of chance of each card's ability triggered in a battle.

Out of 30 battle, ability on Card1 triggered 25 times, then we see a decline from Card2 onwards.

Deck 0
Card1 (average) Card2 (average) Card3 (average) Card4 (average) Card5 (average)
83.87% 54.84% 29.03% 32.26% 29.03%

Average proc rate = 45.81%

Compare the data with Desk 1 (table below), we can see the proc rate of card1 remain the same. Also an increase on card3

Deck 1
Card1 (average) Card2 (average) Card3 (High) Card4 (average) Card5 (average)
83.87% 22.58% 54.84% 35.48% 35.48%

Average proc rate = 46.45% 2. Any affect on chance of all 3 skills proc'ed

Tables below shows how many battles (out of 30) did 3 / 2 / 1 / 0 skill proc'ed.

Deck 0
3 skills 2 skills 1 skills 0 skills
15 11 4 1
Deck 1
3 skills 2 skills 1 skills 0 skills
15 12 3 1

The data shows half of the battle, we have all 3 skills proc'ed, and Desk0 have 1 more battle where only 1 skills proc'ed.

However, this hardly sums up anything because of the small data size.


1. Surprisingly, both desk share the same average proc rate of ~46%, this could be the magic number we have been looking for. We shall see in later test.

2. Proc rates indicate that "high" card means it has a high proc rate compare to other cards. (Look at card 2 and 3 between Desk0 and desk1) .

In order words, when you have a high card on your desk, you effectively wants the skill of this card to go off more often with the cost of other skills. 

3. Always put the best skill'ed card on card1.

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