• I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is Proud Nerd
  • I am Male
  • IronMaidenFan10

    I suck at photoshop but I can do this!

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  • IronMaidenFan10
    1. Deadpool - Reason he has so many ways he can kill you and his comics are hilarious!
    2. Wolverine - Grew up loving him and when my uncle would tell me about comics it was always about Wolverine and the X-men.
    3. Psylocke - I always loved the look of her character and her mutant ability is pretty sweet.
    4. Cable - Leader of the X-Force my favorite marvel team.
    5. Carnage - Was always my favorite villain in the Marvel universe I with they would put him in one of these upcoming Spider-Man movies!
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