This is going to be a constant work in progress. I have 4 accounts (currently only gone through one of them), so I may miss something or forget to update something but I will try to keep it as updated as possible. All fused cards are properly done. Base cards may/may not be boosted/mastered or partially done. If you are wondering, ask and I'll let you know. I was going to combine the base and fused forms into the same tab (i.e. UR and UR+) but have since decided to make them separate tabs. I'll also include the skill level for any cards that are fused (leaving that column off the base tabs). I'm not adding any PP values, as that changes so much. I also have (or will shortly) a page with cards that I'm looking for, specifically to catalog. I will probably trade for those, but it would need to be at least close in value. Don't expect me to accept a crazy trade just cause I want the card for my catalog. I'll wait it out!

  • NOTE: I'm not going to list out my S Rare+ or lower cards. I have a lot of them. If you are looking for specific ones, let me know and I may either have it/them or be able to get them.
  • NOTE2: I have all of my cards listed, even the ones I'm currently using. May be persuaded to sell/trade them if the offer is good enough.

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