aka Kristopher

  • I live in sanctum sanctorum
  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is sorcerer supreme
  • I am god
  • Killerkriskg

    Rarity: Ultimate Rare

    PWR REQ: 32

    Sale Price: 244,800

    Maximum Card Level: 70

    Maximum Mastery Level: 45

    Quote: After receiving a full adamantium skeleton from the sorceress Spiral, Lady Deathstrike is now virtually indestructible. Also from Spiral, Lady Deathstrike has been given cybernetic implants all around her body, granting her physical abilities beyond superhuman levels. Her cybernetics also grant a biological and cybernetic healing factor, a mental link to any computer or electronic device and computer quick reflexes and analysis of opponents. These implants have greatly hindered her mental efficiency as she is now totally insane.

    Base Attack/Defence: 3390/2650

    Maximum Attack/Defence: 9574/7897

    Mastery Bonus: 1314/1007

    Alignment: Tactics


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  • Killerkriskg

    Lady Deathstrike

    April 14, 2013 by Killerkriskg

    Rarity: Rare

    PWR REQ: 16

    Sale Price: 12,700

    Maximum Card Level: 40

    Maximum Mastery Level: 30

    Quote: Yuriko Oyama's father, Lord Dark Wind, was the scientist who invented the adamantium bonding process. After he murdered Yuriko's brothers and scarred the left side of her face, she called Daredevil to help her take her father down.

    Base Attack/Defence: 1720/1190

    Maximum Attack/Defence: 5009/3488

    Mastery Bonus: 639/478

    Alignment: Tactics

    Gender: Female

    Faction: Villain

    Ability: Vengeance

    Usage: Average

    Effect: Notably degrades ATK/DEF of opponent's bruiser cards

    Rarity: Special Rare

    PWR REQ: 16

    Sale Price: 25,400

    Maximum Card Level: 50

    Maximum Mastery Level: 150

    Quote: After killing her father, Yuriko set off to work as an assassin and mercenary under the name L…

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  • Killerkriskg

    Base for card idea

    April 13, 2013 by Killerkriskg


    PWR REQ:

    Sale Price:

    Maximum Card Level:

    Maximum Mastery Level:


    Base Attack/Defence:

    Maximum Attack/Defence:

    Mastery Bonus:







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