• MccoyAustin2


    May 21, 2013 by MccoyAustin2

    At this time the President Stark Event has become more infamous than the mess up in reward  distributions from the last event. I encourage everyoen to email Mobage and spread the word wherever possible. I do not believe a boycott will solve anything but 1000+ players telling Mobage they are going to stop paying for rip offs does help. I myself have never put much into the game and have currently 4 UR cards and 2 SSR. Trading is a key element to being a good player in the game and Mobage has taken it upon themselves to revolutionize TCG's by removing the "T". They need to know this is wrong and that players will not stand for this. To those who would take more iniciatice and spread the word I thank you, and to those who go even above and be…

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