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    Am I the only one?

    December 3, 2013 by Perfect Wisteria

    I personally enjoy the survival trials reward system... just not the rate at which you get shards. I think maybe if it was a group/team based event, and everyone had a pool of cards to share from, it would receive a better reception. Example; 5 Team Members/Alliance Members form a group, and at the end of the event they would all receive a shard award amount based on their collective rank, as well as a 'card' reward for their individual ranking.

    How many players actually can afford to have 30 cards sitting around for 3 events? Not too many I imagine...

    Next issue I noticed... I got to about 2.5k ranking and WHAM. Every opponent had a Legendary Defense... Sure... I can take one or two with scrapper, but 10? In a row? Now we have to have 30 'D…

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