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  • Phoenix8387

    Alliance Adapter boost

    January 14, 2013 by Phoenix8387

    I want to preface this by saying I believe this to be a bug, rather than working as intended.

    Currently Adaptors give a "5%" boost, though we all know this to not be true and in many cases can reach above 15%.  This is most noticeable in five card decks, but is also present in four card decks and even two card decks.  The reason for this is that the boost is being applied to the cards in groups rather than individually and this causes certain cards to receive the adaptor boost multiple times, up to five times in total.

    For those who just want the equation, here is the simplified equation:

    (AdaptorBoost)((5 * ATK 1) + (4 * ATK 2) + (3 * ATK 3) + (2 * ATK 4) + ATK 5)

    ATK 1-5 are based on the order of your cards as seen from top to bottom when ed…

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  • Phoenix8387

    Resource Colors

    January 13, 2013 by Phoenix8387

    This is a small, yet may be helpful, theory that determines which colors of resources are available to you from missions.  It stems from the fact that in RoB, the Faction you choose at the beginning of the game determines which colored resource is available to you on any given mission.  For example, Quest 2-3 in RoB always gives someone who chose Man Faction a Blue Ring, God Faction a Yellow and Demon Faction a Cyan.  However, this cannot be the case in Marvel as we never chose our Alignment.  The theory is, is that that choice was randomly determined for us.

    To put it to the test, I'm gathering data on the first 4 (2-5) Operations, and also on Operation 17.  Please post your results if different in the comments, if they are the same please…

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  • Phoenix8387

    Image Locations

    November 13, 2012 by Phoenix8387

    I've been compiling a list of the various card strings and image links. If you find the string, you can easily find any other picture of the card.

    For example, take [Cloned Eliminator] X-23+ whos Large card can be found here . If you look at the address, you can see the specific string that identifies this card. In this case, ca775557e3863221b37a025ddb0da1d9. You can take that and plug it into other addresses (or just change /l/ to /xs/, /s/ or /w/) to see other used variations for that card.




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