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    December 29, 2012 by Rukkis

    • Group Boosts

    Oh man, i havent been on this site in a while and forgot I posted this.  These are not my decks at the time of writing, or my ideal decks.  I was originally going to put together a list/guide of 6 ideal decks at the rarity level shown above and at the ssr+ and over level.  As a matter of personal preference, and to get more cards in the disscusion, I was going to limit each deck to only 1 card each.  This list was not final, or even close.  I was short on time and just threw up 6 cards of each faction for Att/Def to see how it would look. 

    + A start but still pretty rough, not even sure I had all the right cards. decided to go for 2 boosts, 1 debuff, and 2 wing cards per deck. Although im begining to realize that each deck's ava…

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