• Schizofreak

    Where are my Packs!?

    December 17, 2013 by Schizofreak

    Cheers folks.

    I dont know if all of you got the same issue like me but... this sucks.

    We're playing our favourite game - Marvel WoH - and trying to get the best deck possible without spending money at all. We feel confident about our deck and we're happy to receive rewards for good rankings and staying in a good alliance. But then you take a look at left.... at right...yur Tm's and Ally m8s and what do see??? 

    Lot better cards and after asking they swear not spended one penny in mobage. But is this possible. Is it possible to earn a 5 Leg card deck just by using trading possibilites and never had spended any penny? I think NO.

    I spended some money and i'm at least plesed with my cards - for the moment. 

    What can u tell me about spending money o…

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