Because I don't have enough stuff I'm tracking as it is, I decided after seeing the question come up for about the third time that I've seen, that I will start to track every level of a card in stat gain. With some luck, we'll eventually be able to take these recordings to figure out what formula there can be used in order to determine if a card has been properly fused and mastered without that card either being at level 1, or maxed. Hopefully, a very useful trading tool. 

For more depth on this particular subject, see Blynk's Blog

I'm gonna go ahead and start organizing these by rarity level.



Child of Destiny Hellcat

Like Father, Like Daughter Red She-Hulk

Ms. Marvel




Ghost Rider

Special Rare+

Alias Jewel Jessica Jones

In the Shadows Daredevil

Ho Ho Ho Spider-Man

Future Conqueror Iron Lad

Super Special Rare+

Shapeshifter Assassin Mystique

Bloody Hands Punisher

Obsessive Hate Sabretooth

Prince of Attilan Black Bolt

Steel Cyborg War Machine

Ultimate Rare+

S.W.O.R.D. Agent Spider-Woman

Mind Over Matter Professor X

Incredible Rage Hulk

Thunder God Thor

Legacy Nova


Star-Spangled Avenger Captain America

Brotherhood Renegade Magneto

Thunderstruck Storm

Genuine Leader Cyclops

Army of One Ronin

Sky Rider Silver Surfer

Ultimate Legend+

Doomquest Doctor Doom

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