Here is the start to my booster inventorying. This will be a list of all the Rare cards I've got that I've been holding onto basically forever, and figured it was finally time to account for all of them so I can help allies (or whoever) boost their card skills better. This will definitely be a work in progress for a while as I've got about 24 pages of stuff to go through and account for slowly.

I won't bother with alignment separation as it's irrelevant for boosters really. As they're base cards, I also won't include skill level, so this will pretty much strictly be a card and quantity. 

Card Quantity
Conqueror Kang 7
Reptilian Hunger Lizard 10
Conflicting Impulses Sandman 4
Double Life Spider-Woman 15
Armageddon's Child Domino 12
Kinetic Speedball 3
Nova Corps Nova 8
Ruthless Punisher 14
Green Goblin 10
Starjammer Ms. Marvel 6
Doctor Octopus 6
Wrecker 8
Mystique 5
Bucky Barnes 6
Getting Hotter Pyro 2
Ball of Fire Human Torch 10
Cheyarafim Angel 6
Mjolnir Thor 12
Swashbuckling Nightcrawler 6
Invisibility Invisible Woman 5
Kraven 5
Neighborhood Watchman Luke Cage 4
Morlock Survivor Marrow 4
Illuminati Iron Man 6
Jigsaw 10
Matchstick Johnny Human Torch 2
Outcast Super Skrull 2
VTRBS War Machine 10
Child of the Enemy Polaris 6
Wind Rider Storm 5
Days of Future Past Sentinel 3
Iron Monger 5
New Protector Quasar 6
Older and Wiser Vulture 6
Champion of Korbin Beta-Ray Bill 3
Prince of Power Hercules 2
Infinite Lawyer Daredevil 14
Champion of Bast Black Panther 10
Protector of the Universe Captain Marvel 7
Precise Shot Hawkeye 2
Maria Hill 1
Magik 3
Brilliant Scientist Mr. Fantastic 2
Jungle Fighter Shanna the She Devil 3
Keystone Quadrant Guardian Rocket Raccoon 5
Baron Von Strucker 3
Bedrock Thing 6
Shining Cosmo Silver Surfer 1
Defender She-Hulk 2
Intelligent Thought Doctor Doom 1
Morbius 2
Screaming Mimi Songbird 1
Thunderbolt Man-thing 3
Heroic Change Iron Patriot 2
Bright-Eyed Squirrel Girl 1
All-Seeing Doctor Strange 2
Young Avengers Vision 1
Full Spectrum Dazzler 3
Trick Shot Hawkeye 1
Surgeon Doctor Spectrum 1
Alienated X-23 3
Screaming Mimi Songbird 3
Shades of Gray Wizard 1

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