As with the rares, here is where I will keep my inventory for SR boosters. The only difference may be in that I might include SR+ cards in this inventory, since when it comes to skill leveling, fusion states don't really matter. As such, just because they're somewhat different, I will add the Rarity column, and also a skill level column to accommodate those that are fused already and whatnot. 

Card Stock
Red Hulk 1
Cloned Eliminator X-23 5
Fire Blast Human Torch 4
Vibranium Shield Captain America 1
Darkchilde Magik 1
Lesson Learned Tony Stark 1
Arcane Defender Doctor Strange 1
Hot Fun in the Summertime Domino 1
Steel Cyborg War Machine 2
Regeneration Anti-Venom 1
Ariel Kitty Pryde 1
Infinity Watch Adam Warlock 1
Blinding Photon 1
Vampire Hunter Blade 5
Split Personality Green Goblin 3
Arsenal Punisher 3
Optic Captain Cyclops 1
Situational Readiness Iron Man 1
Seductress Enchantress 4
Son of Chaos Wiccan 1
Midnight Son Blade 1
Centurion Nova Prime Nova 3
Goliath Giant Man 3
Red Death Elektra 1
Ravenous Galactus 1
Brother Voodoo Doctor Voodoo 2
Split Personality Sentry 1
Psychic Katana Psylocke 2
Son of Hulk Skaar 2
Masterless Ronin 2
Unseen Power Invisible Woman 6
Prince of Attilan Black Bolt 2
Overflight Falcon 1
Spider Web Spider-Man 2
Stone Skin Soft Heart The Thing 2
Master and Commander Red Skull 4
Unleashed Power Thing 5
Black Bolt 3
Son of Odin Thor 4
Dark Son Daken 1
Lady Liberator She-Hulk 1
Savage Leader Sauron 1
Regal Storm 2
Planetary Predator Ego 2
Exile Thor 1
Full Spectrum Dazzler 1
Mutant Hunter Sentinel 2
November Foxtrot Nick Fury 1

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