In order to keep the tables as small as possible, I'm making each segment of base and fused separate, so here is the list of boosters that were once Rares that I've already turned into SR+ cards. Probably will end up being a relatively short list compared to the others.

As these are the fused forms, I will include a third column for skill level as it may be good to know.

Card Skill Stock
Days of Future Past Sentinel 4 1
Days of Future Past Sentinel 1 1
Morlock Survivor Marrow 3 1
Morlock Survivor Marrow 2 1
Morlock Survivor Marrow 1 1
Full Spectrum Dazzler 3 1
Full Spectrum Dazzler 4 1
Bright-Eyed Squirrel Girl 1 1
Shades of Gray Wizard 1 1
Alienated X-23 1 1

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