As with the last two concept cards, I'm just throwing out random character ideas. Figured I hadn't done a Bruiser card yet, so here we go!

Strong Guy

Strong Guy
Rarity: Rare

Power Requirement: 12

Sale Price: 11,800

Maximum Card Level: 40

Maximum Mastery Level: 30


Base Attack / Defense: 1370 / 1000

Maximum Attack / Defense: 3930 / 2902

Mastery Bonus ATK / DEF: 590 / 302

Alignment: Bruiser

Gender: Male

Faction: Hero

Ability: Kinetic Absorption

Usage: Average

Effect: Strong Guy gains ATK equal to the ATK of opponent's card that is occupying the same deck slot as Strong Guy, to a maximum of 2X Strong Guy's current ATK value. 

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