So, just like the last installment where I made a card based on Nate Grey that I thought was fitting, I'll go ahead and cover Nightcrawler. Please note, that once again as I'm basing rarity on how powerful the character is, they may not always be as high as other people think they should be, especially since I'm working off admittedly outdated comic knowledge. Still, these are just ideas I have. I'm also on occasion going to be making up fake abilities that I think are more suited to the characters, rather than the generic ones we have now. 


Rarity: Rare

Power Requirement: 16

Sale Price: 12,400

Maximum Card Level: 40

Maximum Mastery Level: 30


Base ATK / DEF: 1350 / 1550

Maximum ATK / DEF: 4000 / 4350

Mastery Bonus ATK / DEF: 400 / 690

General Information

Alignment: Speed

Gender: Male

Faction: Hero

Ability: Emergency Exit

Usage: Average

Effect: If your opponent's Offensive deck has a greater attack than you can defend, teleport from battle at 10% loss of silver.

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