This will be tied in to the Valor Tracking blog since it really still falls under the same subject. 

So, I wanted to just track what each successive combo level will basically net you for valor, since it at least appeared to be a pretty simple growth scheme based on what few recordings I had on that other blog 1=0, 2=1, 3=3, so I figured there'd be an easy pattern to get down, and there may very well still be...but...

I made up an AP17 deck for no other reason than that it divided into my max AP perfectly for a decent amount of hits to record...naturally since you have to win to see what you'd get at each level this meant I had to attack somebody with a DEF of 10 (or so), which was easy enough.

The problem became that I got no combo bonus valor, as far up to 11 hits, and the valor gained sat at 47 for each hit at least at 4 and up (I only started paying attention specifically to that after seeing I was getting no bonus). So...weird. I'm thinking that maybe the combo bonus you get is tied in to that whole 10% minimum in order to take away a defensive line hp, or something similar. So, I'll use a slightly stronger deck and try again next battle and see where that gets me. I'm curious if it's tied into the opponent more than what you as the attacker has to use...

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