So, here's the start.


Considering the best Mockingbird card there even is in the game at the moment is Super Soldier Mockingbird I had to make the decision to build it around her as the primary, with the choice of Hawkeye complimenting her in order for the combo to work out at all. This, of course, can present some problems as they're differing alignments. Since I absolutely hate boosts that don't hit all allies, I decided to go with Trick Shot Hawkeye since his ability was useless, and I think it's still up in the air whether or not a card without an applicable ability can steal a proc at all, that seems like a decent tactical decision. 

Card 4 Card 2 Card 1 Card 3 Card 5
Atk 6348 5845 6537 6796 5990
Ability Notably strengthen ATK of Self Notably weaken DEF of opposing team. Notably weaken DEF of opposing team. Notably strengthen ATK of self. Notably degrade ATK of opposing Speeds.

Not going to win any awards or anything, and I tried to stick with sort of an assassin theme...though Strucker is somewhat iffy I guess lol. 

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