I was originally going to consider putting together a lower tier deck for this combo since most of the combinations I see are pretty obvious...but then I realized there really aren't any lower tier Thanos cards lol. So, we're going all legend anyway. And with only two Venom cards at that tier, I'm going to go with [Symbiote] Venom as the star, as though it was the only legend I had, and compliment that then obviously with [Death Lover] Thanos

Hungry For Death
Card 4 Card 2 Card 1 Card 3 Card 5
ATK 10,660 15,071 10,788 11,029 11,304
Ability Significantly strengthen ATK of your bruisers. Extremely raise ATK/DEF of bruisers. Significantly strengthen ATK of your villains Significantly strengthen ATK of your bruisers. Significantly weaken DEF of opposing team.

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