DrPsyPhi has done similar (and very nice) posts on his own profile. I kept meaning to as well, especially when they really started pushing out new combos, but I was just too busy (read:lazy). I wanted to make a deck for every combo and have them all be a little bit different if possible. I do mean every combo as well, trying to make all of them as plausible as possible to me, even if that means assuming that it's for a lower tier player (since some cards don't come high enough for players at certain levels to warrant using). 

For purposes of these blogs, I'm thinking once the combo is decided, I'm going to keep the rarity of all cards within about the same bracket to make it somewhat realistic to what people in general tiers have to work with. I'll allow one or two cards of higher rarity perhaps though because we do obviously see UR+, and SSR+ occasionally mingling with their betters afterall. 

So...lets get started with a doozy! 


Disparaging Taunt


Hungry For Death

Guardians of the Galaxy

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